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Remedies For Success in Exams and Interview

Saraswati Yantra

Remedies for Success in Examinations

11. Even at the cost of loosing out some marks, no student should ever resort to copying. Such actions enrage the goddess of learning, Maa Saraswati and it leads to her curse . The students shall always be short on success and encounter difficulties in their studies or any mental work.

12. For assured success all students should offer water mixed with flowers, red sandal wood powder and rice to the rising sun-god and pray to him for success. Continuing this habit all through life will give continued success in all ventures.

13. Having ‘BRAMHI’ [a medicinal plant / an ayurvedic preparation] regularly,has a very positive effect of memory power,and proves beneficial to students and anyone desirous of having a strong ,capable memory power.

14. Those students who are habitualually forgetful should always keep with them a small pice[tablet] of Camphor [kapoor] and Alum [fitkari].Thesse aprt from strengthening the memory also keep away negative energies .

15.To ensure peace of mind and enhanced power of concentration ,it is advised that the room should preferably have green coloured drapery.

16. A branch of the neem tree can be hung in the students rooms which helps not only in purifying the atmosphere of the room but also fill the room with positive energy vibes.

17. The intutional part of teh brain is enhanced if teh students / children offer ‘Durvaa” [a special kind of a branched grass,usually grows wild] to Lord Ganesha every Wednesday.

18. Before leaving the house for an examination studentss should have a spoonful of sweet-curd with a tulsi leaf.

19. Normally only 3-7 % of the human brain is active while the balance remains inactive.This inactive part of the brain has a potential of latent knowledge which can be stimulated ,activated by a simple procedure……..Pinch the ear-lobe with the thumb an d fore finger and pul it downwards ; also twist the upper part of the ear and try folding it over with the lower part.Repeating this procedure for 4-5 minutes in the morning and also whenever convinient,ihas very beneficial results.

20. To stimulate the brain and enhance concentration and at the same time retain what has been studied , massage the medulla oblangata – a part of the brain at the base of the neck ,just where the spine starts [the shallow depression at the nape of the neck.].

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