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Tips For Relief From All Diseases,

Tips For Relief From All Diseases,

It has been observed that whenever there is a unwell patient in the house the entire household gets disturbed and the ambience is more dull and depressing in the entire house.By following a few simple steps and precautions this can be controlled and improved too a great extent.Health benefits can be availed by one and all in no time.. 

Tips For Relief From All Diseases,

1. Starting Monday to Sunday ,for the complete week of 7 days if a person suffering from any illness wakes up early in the morning ,at sunrise and facing east ,drinks a glass full of water accompanied by chanting of एं [AING] mantra 21 times ,mentally and praying to the almighty to bestow him with good health and riddance from illness will surely find improvement and subsequently freedom from illness.

2. Chewing 3 fresh leaves of the Ashoka Tree, early in the morning as a daily practice will relieve a person of mental worries and strees and provide him with good health.

3. If a person is suffering from an illness which does not seem to go away and keeps reoccurring, keeping the roots of the “Sehdai” and “Peepul” tree under his/her pillow will benefit the patient and soon will relieve him of his chronic ailment.

4. To get relief from excruciating pain, mix barley flour with mustard oil and black sesame seeds and bake a pancake [chapatti ] with this dough. Circle the pancake, over the patient 7 times and feed the pancake [chapatti ] to a buffalo……….the patient will have immediate relief.

5. The fresh buds of “Neem” , Jaggery [gur] and’ Masoor daal’ [a kind of red lentil] crushed and mixed together to make a paste like concoction and consumed during the period when the Sun is in Aries [13th to 15th April],in the early morning hours by all members of the family…… young and old will ensure a healthy and disease free life for the whole year.

6. A person suffering from any ailment for a long duration without any relief is advised to sleep in a room in the South-West [Netratya Kon] corner of the house, with his head towards the southern direction of the room. His medications and water should be kept in the North –East corner [Ishaan Kon] of the same room. At the time of taking the medicines, the patient should ensure he faces the north east direction / east face of the room.

7. If any member of the family is ailing from a long time, the patient will get relief much faster by keeping “Marinkay” under the pillow.

8. Excluding Sundays, on rest of days, offer sweetened water early in the morning to the ‘Peepul Tree’, pay obeisance and touch the roots to the forehead. After that, walk around the tree [Parikrama], encircling it 7 times [men only…..women should not circumvent the tree] and pray for health and goodness… will surely provide favorable results. 

9. If there is any member in the family who has been ill for a long time……donating / distributing fruits, medicines and other needful items as per the paying capability and capacity, at least once a month, in any hospital to the poor and the needy will greatly benefit the patient at home and also will attract blessings for the other members of the family. This is a very tried and tested method and amazing results and benefits have been observed.

10. Whenever you are visiting a patient,always go with some flowers and fruits for the patient and if possible ,make some monetary donation / help also.It will safeguard you and your family from ailments.

By embracing the above mentioned remedies, pure food, pious thought and actions we can definitely gain good health and an illness-free existence without a doubt.

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