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Astro Remedies for Health Problems

Astro Remedies for Health Problems

11. If someone has been down because of anyone’s evil-eye, then giving the person 7 rose petals in a betel leaf [Paan],will not only free him from the ill-effects of the evil-eye but the medications will also be more effective.

12. Any person who is on the death-bed and all means of revival and treatment have failed but still is unable to breath his last, then a charitable donation of Salt should be done through the hands of the dying patient.

13.For good health, take a coin of Rs. 1. Keep it near your pillow while sleeping and then threw it in boundary of graveyard in the morning.You will remain healthy.

14.Flood/irrigate peepal tree with water mixed with small amount of milk and in the evening light incense stick(agarbatti) and oil lamp(deepak) there. Start it from any day continuing upto seven days.Ill person start getting well.

15.Light oil lamp (deepak) near grave or dargaah in the evening (after sunset).Light incense stick (agarbatti) and put bataashe .then do not turn back. Ill person will soon recover.

16.If any person has been unwell since a long time ,he may have been inflicted by the ‘evil-eye’…….to ward off the ‘evil-eye’,take a fresh coconut and circle it seven times around his / her head……..and thenburn this coconut completely in a fire [oven / sacrificial fire / any flat container can be used for the fire].this will have beneficial effects on the person’s health and well-being.

17. To ward-off ill-health and poverty from one’s life and family …..take seven jute –covered coconuts on a Monday during the waning Moon fortnight and immerse them in flowing water / river….this will have beneficial results.

18. On the first Monday of every month , in the morning pray to your family-lord and circle a pinch of yellow mustard seed over your head ,seven times and then throw them outside the house………you will always be saved from ill-health.

19. If freshly washed and ironed clothes from the laundry are brought in contact with the patient and prayers are offered for his well-being, the patient shows signs of early recovery.

20. To garner relief from ill-health in case of mothers……take 121 sweet-puddings [‘pedas’] and distribute them amongst children and the poor and needy……definitely she will show signs of improvement.

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