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Fairness Tips Home Remedies for Fairness

Fairness Tips and Home Remedies For Fairness

Fairness Who does not want to look beautiful? What do you do to attain that beautiful look? You use the best of cosmetics, try home remedies and also try out various beauty treatments. Expensive treatments and creams are also used and no stones are left unturned to possess that flawless, fair skin / complexion. The truth is that you cannot have a fair complexion overnight there is no method that can make you fairer overnight. It is a gradual process and there are certain home remedies that can help you have that desired fairer complexion.

om Skin a raw potato and crush it the juice obtained should be rubbed on the face daily and left on for 15-20 minutes ; after which you may wash it off ;daily practice shall soon give you a fairer complexion.

om Rub a raw papaya on the face and neck it helps in opening the pores and gives a fairer, glowing skin.

om Put a few drops of lemon juice in your bathing water bucket bathing regularly with this water in the summer months, shall give you a fairer complexion in a few weeks.

om Massage the face with a raw tomato; gradually it will clean off all the dirt and grime and give you a glowing skin.

om In the morning before having a bath rub half a slice of lemon on your face, neck, elbows and arms/ hands leave it for 10 minutes – regular use shall give a fairer, glowing skin.

om Having Goose-berry marmalade also helps in giving an even skin tone and a fairer complexion.

om Applying honey on the face is very useful and beneficial in removing wrinkles. It lubricates the dry skin and gives it a new life and radiance. Apply a thin layer of honey on the face and leave it for 15-20 minutes; wipe it off clean with a soft cloth; if you have an oily skin, mix two three drops of lemon juice in the honey.

om Having half a glass of carrot juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, gives a fairer skin within a few weeks.

om Always keep your digestive system in mint condition; avoid constipation they affect the skin radiance and complexion.

om Mix two-three Tulsi [basil] leaves with two spoons of lemon juice apply regularly on the face very soon you shall have a radiant skin.

om Crush a banana and apply the paste on the face ; leave it on for 30 minutes ;wash off with cool /cold water ; this not only provides a fairer skin but also tightens the skin, reducing wrinkles.

om Four spoons of milk ,1 small spoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon mix well and apply on face with a piece of cotton let it dry and when it has evenly dried ,wipe clean with water.

om Apply raw coconut water [with fat content] regularly, skin shall become radiant.

om Mix tomato juice with curd and massage it regularly on the face, after drying wash off with cold water.

om Putting a few drops of almond oil in your bathing water; it will help in making the skin soft and supple.

om In two big spoonfuls of curd, add a few drops of lemon rub well on face and arms not only will the skin become fairer but will also become soft and radiant.

om Soak two spoons of poppy-seeds [Posta Dana] in milk for around two hours ; after that grind it well into a paste and apply on face ; once it dries up ,wash it away with warm water ; complexion becomes fairer quite soon.

om During summers, spray Rose water or the juice of cucumber on your face; it will refresh your skin.

om In winters, having a cup of milk mixed with a bit of Saffron [Kesar] and a pinch of turmeric [haldi] also helps in brightening up the complexion.

om Having fresh coconut with sugar candy [mishri] helps in fairing up the skin.

om Reduce your intake of tea/coffee.

om After every meal, have some aniseed [saunf], it not only improves digestion and the digestive process but due to a cleaner digestion, the skin is kept radiant.

om Starch extracted from cooked rice is very rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates which are very beneficial for our health, skin and hair. Dip cotton into this liquid starch and apply gently on your face; leave it on for some time, then wash away with clean water; do this 2-3 times a week; soon you shall see a much fairer and a radiant skin.

om Turmeric Pack is a tried tested way to bring out the hidden glow of your skin.Mix turmeric with wheat flour /gram flour curd and milk-fat [the top solidified layer on the milk] and make a thick paste apply this paste and let it dry for 10 minutes and then wash away with cool water.

om Honey Almond Scrub soak around 10 almonds in water overnight ; next morning skin them and grind them into a paste mix a few drops of honey and massage / scrub gently on the face for some time and then clean away with cool water. Helps in giving you a radiant skin.

om Sandalwood Powder apart from giving a fairer skin, it also helps fight allergies and pimples .Mix a spoonful of tomato juice and honey to make a paste; apply this paste evenly on your face and neck and wash away after some time.

om Saffron Pack mix some saffron in a bowl containing curd and milk cream and apply evenly on the face ; let it dry , then wash and wipe gently from the face to leave behind a gentler and fairer skin.

om CHIRONJI PACK make a paste using chironji, Madder [majeeth] , turmeric and mix honey ,lemon juice and rose water; apply this paste evenly on your face ,neck and arms and let it dry ;after which wash it off with fresh water.

om Masoor Daal Pack [Black pulses] make a paste of egg white and the pulses powder ,lemon juice and raw milk ; apply this evenly on the face every day and on drying wash away with cool water ; soon your skin shall be a shade fairer and glowing.

om Gram Flour Paste make a paste using two spoonful of gram flour .one spoonful of mustard oil and some milk apply on the entire body and when it starts drying up [not fully dry] rib well and scrub away from the body ; it will make your skin soft ,supple and fairer.

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