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Home Remedies For Acne and Pimples


During adolescence pimples, acne, blackheads are quite a natural phenomenon and mostly everyone has to pass these hurdles on their way to youth / adulthood. People with oily skin are more prone to such problems, therefore it is advised not to use any oil / cream based cosmetic. It is not only an oily skin that is the culprit, pimples, and acne can be a ramification of disturbed hormones, lack of skin care and hygiene or any kind of digestive ailment .Young boys and girls see this is as a menace and go to lengths to keep away such issues.

Although, this is primarily an issue that raises its head during teenage or youth but sometimes it may also affect, the not so young, people. Pimples are nothing but the inflammation of the skin pores and it is strongly suggested that they should neither be touched too often nor should one try bursting them by pinching them they can leave behind scars, which may lead to further treatment for removal of the scars and spots .

One of the main causes of pimples is junk food and wrong eating habits ; the toxics released by the junk food finds its way into the blood stream which then ooze out of the skin pores ,thereby inflaming the skin pores these are nothing but toxic wastes , which is found in abundance in starchy food that is rich in fats and proteins like meat ,white, refined sugar ,strong tea / coffee ,pickles , soft drinks , ice-creams and food items made of white refined flour [Maida].

Given below are some home remedies to keep away acne /pimples/blackheads:

om Sandal-wood is an important ingredient in cosmetics and very useful in any beautifying regime. Applying a paste of Turmeric powder [haldi] and sandalwood powder [chandan] mixed in milk, soothes the skin and keeps pimples away.

om Rubbing a nutmeg [JAIPHAL] on a grinding stone and applying the residue on the affected area with water also keeps acne and pimples away.

om Cook slices of onion in oil till they turn transparent /translucent; after cooling, tie them in a muslin cloth and rub over the face and the affected area very beneficial and effective remedy for pimples.

om Applying a mask of mint paste for a month removes all blemishes, scars and black spots and gives a glowing, radiant skin.

om Make a mix of gram flour [besan] in butter-milk [chaach] and apply it on the face skin would start glowing after regular use.

om A very tried and tested remedy to remove pimples and acne spots is to apply camphor [kapoor] mixed with coconut oil [gari ka tel] and eave it on the spots for about 10 minutes ; wash away with cool water spots will vanish after some time of regular use.

om Powder 20-25 black pepper corns and then mix well with rose water and apply the paste overnight; in the morning, the next day, wash away with warm water; you shall have a radiant, blemish-free skin. Also helps in reducing wrinkles.

om Wash your face well before retiring to bed, make a paste of cucumber juice and turmeric powder and apply on face .Next morning, wash away with fresh water; shall put an end to the menace of acne and pimples.

om Soak a goose-berry or goose-berry powder in water overnight; the next morning, gently massage the paste/goose-berry on your face; pimples /acne shall be gone in a few days. Wash well after use.

om Applying CHIRONJI and raw milk paste also is quite beneficial in removing acne /pimples and blackheads.

om Boil Neem leaves in water and use the water for washing the face; as Neem reduces the oily content of the skin, pimples and acne are kept at bay.

om Soak approximately three spoonful of mustard seeds; make a paste by grinding them in the morning; apply this paste to get freedom from pimples and acne.

om The secreted milk of the fig plant is also applied on pimples to help reduce the problem.

om Powdered sesame mixed with butter and applying regularly helps in maintaining a fairer skin and also reduces pimples and acne. om Applying the milk of a raw papaya also helps in reducing pimples.

om Boil some Neem leaves in water for some time and then let the concoction cool down make a paste of these boiled leaves and apply on the pimples and acne spots, to get a fresh, pimple free face.

om Three spoonful of gram-flour , a quarter spoon of turmeric powder, a pinch of camphor and some lemon juice mix well and apply this concoction on the face leave for 10-15 minutes and let it dry then wash away with cool water reduces pimples .

om Applying minimum of make up and also using water-proof make-up helps in reducing the issue of pimples.

om Lemon juice helps in reducing the extra oil of the skin regular use on the face or the entire body, gives a blemish free skin which is soft and supple.

om Rubbing the seeds of blue berry, soaked in water, on a grinding stone and applying the residue on the spots/face helps in keeping acne and pimples at bay.

om By avoiding fried food and food rich in fats also helps in keeping one acne-free.

om Half an hour before lunch / dinner, consume a spoonful of fenugreek [METHI] powder with water helps in reducing acne and pimples.

om Cut a bitter gourd into two pieces and boil it in half a glass of water ; after cooling it for some time ,drink this water ; helps in reducing acne problem.

om Crush some wood-apple leaves and strain out the juice using muslin cloth; having two-three spoons of this juice also helps in reducing acne/pimples.

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