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Solution of Pitradosh

Solution of Pitradosh

In the modern era, many people ignore their Parents, Elders and Forefathers because of their busy life and huge competition.  The reason for “PITRADOSH”is the behaviour of the person which is not in sync with his/her religion, infidelity, habit of alcohol, irritating others for no reason whatsoever, take debt and do not return, to present illegal evidence, do not offer donations in the name of their Ancestors.  Due to these reasons,when a person dies and takes rebirth his `Kundali’ has “PITRADOSH”. Because of “PITRADOSH”, the person suffers from mental, physical and genetic difficulties.

Sometimes, the person’s horoscope is good because of the favorable position of stars. He is hard-working and his house is also located favorably according to “Vastu Shastra”. Dispite of these facts, he faces much trouble in his life like:- instability, illness in the family, low-income or good income but at higher costs, Disgrace, late marriage, etc.

All these shows that the person is suffering from the harmful effects of “Pitradosh”.

In all the religions, our fore fathers get a very important place, and in “Hindus” forefathers are equal to God.  As you are a follower of any religion, you have to take blessings of your forefathers before starting any new work so that there is no hurdle in your work.

The person who is suffering from “Pitradosh” must offer water daily on `Shivling’ and recite “Mahamritunjya Mantra”. Worship of `Maa-Kaali’ is also  beneficial in the “Pitradosh”. Crows and the ‘Peepal tree’ are the symbols of forefather. So, the people must offer water to the “Peepal tree”, daily except sunday, milk and honey on saturday. Giving bread to the crows also gives a lot of benefit.

For the solution of “Pitradosh” a person should offer sweet water, sweets and Janeu to the Peepal tree on `Somvati Amavasya’, recite the Mantra `OM NAMOH BHAGWATE VASUDEWAY NAMAH’, circumambulate the Peepal tree 108 times and then apologize to God for our sins.

According to the “Shastra” our forefathers come to our house on “Amavasya”, so every person must donate according to the capability. Keeping food under the “Babool tree” makes our Forefathers happy. On every Amavasya we must give five fruits to the cow. No matter what religion you are following, after prepairing food you must offer the first bite to a cow in the name of our forefather, so that the family could blessed by them.

In this world, every person should conduct “SHRADH” and “TARPAN” for their respective pittars during the “PITRA-PAKSH” and “BARSHI”. He should also donate to the poor and to the religious places. This will makes the departed souls happy.

Our forefathers will be happy when every person offers “TARPAN” and give donation to the religious places and poor people on their death anniversary.

To give salvation to our forefathers we must do “PIND-DAAN”. Our body is known as “PIND” and the meaning of “PIND” is `circle’. To do “PIND-DAAN” ‘Pind’ is made from the dough of wheat and barley in the form of balls, these balls can also be made by cooked rice.

In Hindu Religion “Gaya, Kurukhestra, Pushkar, Haridwar, Varanasi” are the important places for “PIND-DAAN”. So, “PIND-DAAN” is the easiest way of “Salavation”. So, if we do “SHRADH” of our Ancestors with gratitude and Harmony during “PITRA-PAKSH” and  give donations in their names, our forefathers will become happy and they will reduce our problems.

Solution of Pitradosh

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The Solution of Pitradosh

Do you miss your left Ancestors & want to show your gratitude towards them. Now, create Profile of your Ancestors here and make their name and memories immorta.
Solution of Pitradosh
Pitradosh Solution

Do you miss your left Ancestors & want to show your gratitude towards them. Now, create Profile of your Ancestors here and make their name and memories immorta.

Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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