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Navratri 2023, Tips and Remedies for Navratri

Navratri 2023, Tips remedies for navratri,

The festival of Navratri holds a special significance in the Hindu religion. It is a festival of joy and happiness and also a period to offer worship to Goddess Durga and earn her benevolence. It should be celebrated with the same enthusiasm and gaiety like a wedding or any other auspicious occasion /celebration in the house. Keeping a check on certain activities during these nine days, a devotee can fulfill his desires and earn the benevolence of the Mother Goddess Durga.

If a devotee is unable to maintain a fast for the entire duration of the nine days, it is advised that at least on the first and the last day of the Navratras, fasting should be observed. One should refrain from consuming onions, garlic, non-vegetarian food, alcohol, tobacco, etc during the nine days period of the Navratras.

One should also keep his temper in check and the atmosphere at home should also be congenial and happy because Mother Goddess shall always prefer a house where there is peace, tranquility and happiness.

On the first day of the Navratras ,take 11 kauri [crow-shells] and 3 Gomti chakras and tie them in a red cloth and apply a mark on the bundle with turmeric paste ; keep this bundle in the place of worship /temple at home.

On the last day , after completing the havan and feeding the girl-children ,tie this bundle at a height on the ceiling of the kitchen; this will ensure the benevolence of Goddess Lakshmi on that house for times to come.

The house where the Shri Sookat is recited regularly during the nine days of the Navratras, financial crisis shall never touch that house.

On the fourth, fifth and sixth day of Navratras, the Fridays of the Navratras and the eighth and ninth day of the Navratras is considered very auspicious and efforts made for begetting wealth are answered favorably. Goddess Lakshmi is said to have 18 sons;

On a Friday especially if the Friday is during the Navratras period, all the better chant the names of the 18 sons prefixing OM and ending with NAMAH preferably 21/51/101 times; desired wealth shall be bestowed upon the devotee. This should be done on all the days of the Navratras , starting Friday.


If any person is surrounded by obstacles and worries and is under heavy stress ,his wife should recite the Durga Saptshati entirely or at least one/ two or more chapters during the Navratras ; after which she should perform the aarti of the goddess with camphor [kapoor] and cloves[long] slowly all stress and worries shall ebb away.
If due to any reason, no one in the house is able to recite the Durga Saptshati, it can be delegated to a learned and pious Brahmin to do so on your behalf.

During the Navratras do not forget to offer shahed [Honey] and itra [oil based perfume]to the Mother Goddess. After the nine days whatever perfume and honey is left over use it in your needs meditating on the Mother Goddesses name her benevolence shall always be with you.

Offering honey to the Mother Goddess, a devotee is blessed with beauty and an enhancement in his / her personality and aura. Be seated on a red blanket while worshipping the Goddess during the Navratras – it is considered very auspicious and is also a path to the fulfillment of the devotee s desires.

For ensuring everlasting prosperity, offer a betel leaf with 7 red rose petals to the Mother Goddess during all the days of the Navratras.

During the nine days of Navratras, recite the below given shlokas as many times as possible

(“सर्वमंगल मांगल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके । शरण्ये त्र्यंबके गौरी नारायणि नमोस्तुते “।।)

(“ऊँ जयन्ती मङ्गलाकाली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तुते” ।।)

During the Navratras, reciting the Shri Ram Raksha Strota in the morning, grants success in all endeavours.All hurdles and obstacles are removed.

Worshipping Lord Hanuman along with the Mother Goddess Durga has its own significance and benefits. Any devotee who recites the Hanuman Chalisa or the Sundar Kaand of the Ramayana during the Navratras, even Lord Saturn [Shanidev] does not harm that devotee.

On a Tuesday falling in the period of Navratras, smear yellow vermillion mixed with cow s milk on Lord Hanuman and also offer jaggery to the deity; on a Saturday during the Navratras, smear Lord Hanuman s idol with red vermillion powder mixed in jasmine oil and also offer red pedas [sweet made of khoya] and then distribute as prasad .On both these days Tuesday / Saturday, also offer red rose to the idol of Lord Hanuman.

On a Saturday of the Navratras period ,before sunrise , take 11 leaves of the Peepal tree and write RAM on them and make a garland put this garland around the idol of Lord Ram all obstacles in business shall be removed ; this entire ritual should be done in secrecy.

If a person is under a debt and all his efforts to get rid of them fail, he should offer 108 red rose flowers in the feet of the Mother Goddess. Early in the morning , during the morning prayers , take one and a quarter kg of red lentils and tie them in red bundle and keep that bundle in front of you; Light a lamp of pure ghee [clarified butter] and recite any sanctified mantra of the Mother Goddess ,108 times.

After finishing the prayers ,circle the bundle over your head clock wise 7 times and give it as charity to a worker / servant ; gradually the burden of the debts shall be reduced and be over in some time.

If a person is under debts and despite his best efforts is unable to overcome it , he should make a rule for life ; he should feed sugar or sugar mixed with wheat flour to ants or just put some of this mixture under a tree or any place where there is an ant-hole.

Following this ritual regularly for life shall gradually bring down his debts and be ultimately finished. After that the person shall start earning so much wealth that there never would be any need for any loan or be under debt. If this ritual is started in an auspicious time, especially during Navratras, its results are earned much faster.

During the Navratras one should donate charity with an open heart according to his affordability and capacity. Donations made during this period earn a person unlimited blessings and rewards for the charitable donations made.

One should give small gifts to the girl child everyday during the Navratras. You should also surprise your parents, siblings and wife with gifts help the needy and poor and believe it that they shall all have some blessings or words of praise for your noble deeds.

As you have invited the Mother Goddess in your home, make sure you first serve whatever meal is made at home, to her first and only after that the rest of the household should have their meals. Remember not to keep Mother Goddess hungry or any guest who comes to your house during the period.

You should refrain from over-spending but at the same time ensure you buy some new clothes, new utensil or any ornament during this period and before adorning it or using it ,first offer it at the feet of the Mother Goddess .This simple ritual ensures continuous wealth and prosperity in the house.

The children of the house should be encouraged to offer a banana to the Mother Goddess then distribute some as charity and the rest should be consumed by the members of the family. This enhances and helps develop the intelligence of the children of the house.

During Navratras, buy two purple colored stones and immerse them in the holy water of the Ganges every Saturday, sprinkle this water in the entire house it shall increase the affection amongst the family members. Then place the stones again in the water and keep repeating this ritual every Saturday, starting from the Saturday of the Navratras, which is the most auspicious time to start this ritual.

Tie two strands of a broom in the reverse position and tie them up with a blue thread and keep this in the south-west corner of the house this enhances love and affection between the husband and the wife.

On a Monday of the Navratras, offer black sesame seeds and water on a Shivling it helps in getting riddance from all kinds of ailments.

On the seventh day of the Navratras, Mother Kaalraatri is worshipped; to earn her blessings recite the 7th and the 10th chapter of the Durga Saptshati- enemies are vanquished and legal matters are decided favorably.

If you have any known / unknown enemy or you are being harassed by someone of the family, take a fistful of black sesame and sugar and praying to Goddess Kaalraatri, with the name of your enemy, dump the offering in a remote place. While returning do not look back the enemy and his evil designs shall be subdued within some time.

Take 38 grains of Urad Daal [Black lentils] and 40 grains of rice mix them together and drop them in a pit squeeze a lemon on top of the pit, taking the name of your enemy; he shall be subdued and will no further be a trouble to you. This ritual if done on the seventh or the ninth day of the Navratras has faster and more effective results.

The lotus flower is the favorite of Goddess Lakshmi; on the eighth day of the Navratras, during prayers, make sure to offer this flower in the feet of Goddess Lakshmi after the prayers fold this flower in a red cloth and keep it in the place of worship or in your locker where you keep your money or ornaments. Poverty shall never ever come near you.

On the eighth day of the Navratras light a lamp with 9 wicks in front of an image of Goddess Lakshmi her benevolence shall earn you with a windfall.

On a Friday during the Navratras and on the eighth day of the Navratras, visit a temple and light incense sticks / dhoop sticks in front of the idol of the Goddess Lakshmi then offer some sweets and monetary donation and request her to accompany you to your house and make herself at home there. Repeat this ritual every Friday, even after the Navratras. This ritual will definitely remove your financial crisis.

On a Friday of the Navratras, during the night time of the eight day ,light a lamp of pure ghee [clarified butter]in front of an idol /image of Goddess Lakshmi then offer fruits, sweets ,a betel leaf with sweet ingredients and red rose flowers and facing the North East or the Eastern direction, recite :-

Om ShreeingVidhraharaye PaardeshwariMahalakshaye Namah Om Shreeing ,Hreem, Shreeing Kamlaye praseed praseed Om Shreeing Hreem Shreeing mahalakshmaye namah

You should recite the above 21 times of the full rosary of 101 beads. After that recite one full rosary of 101 beads every day. Doing this regularly , blesses the devotee with the unlimited, benevolent gaze of the goddess. He shall attain success in all his personal and professional fields and new avenues for income shall be opened.

If you have a work place [business/office] take a small piece of alum and circle it in your workplace 31 times – then go to a cross road [4 roads crossing one another] and throw the piece of alum in the North direction it is very important to remember that you have to throw it in the NORTH direction only;
This is a very effective ritual if done on the seventh or ninth day of the Navratras.

On the 10th day [Vijay Dashmi ] , take a coconut and apply vermillion ,tie a red thread around it and offer rice grains over it after that take the coconut and offer it in Lord Hanuman s temple[having significance];this ensures progress in life and obstacles are removed.

On the day of Vijay Dashmi [10th day] tie a red flag atop a Lord Hanumans temple at the highest point. This removes all hurdles and obstacles from a person s life. You should also put up a red flag atop your house on this day.

On a Wednesday, falling during the Navratras, fill a earthen pot with a kilo and a quarter of Moong lentils, in the second pitcher fill it with the same quantity of rock salt ;keep both these pitchers in a clean corner of the house, wrapped in red cloth away from any ones line of sight [it should not be visible to any outsider];this will pave way for the inflow of financial gains.

Navratras are a period of joy and gaiety ; it is a very pious period and gives all an opportunity to beget the benevolence of Goddess Durga ; whether you fast during the Navratras or not it is very essential that you do not lose your temper on anyone ,do not speak ill or try to hurt anyone ;just spread happiness and good cheers with all ;at the work place and at home appreciate your fellow workers and always keep a congenial atmosphere at home and work-place; because you are inviting the Mother Goddess ,surely she would like to go where there is happiness and love.

With her will come her benevolence and the devotee shall never ever have an opportunity for regrets or sorrow. With the blessings of the Mother Goddess, all wishes shall be fulfilled.

On a Friday during the Navratras, take a fresh, absolutely new red colored, cotton cloth and wrap it around a jute covered coconut; remembering the Mother Goddess, repeat your desire seven times to the wrapped coconut and then immerse it in flowing water the devotee shall gain the benevolence of the Mother Goddess;

All obstacles and hurdles shall be removed from his path to success; this is a very powerful and sanctified remedy and should be done in utmost secrecy and silence.

During the Navratras, do not give or take any loan or debt. Also remember that you are worshipping the Mother Goddess for prosperity and wealth so make sure you do not betray or try to usurp anyone else s money thru fraudulent means. Worshipping the Goddess with a pure heart and mind shall definitely benefit you with her benevolence.

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