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Remedies to leave Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is very harmful and proves fatal in very many cases. According to a report approximately 4 million people die due to alcohol intake/ addiction. This is more than the number of people who lose their lives from Tuberculosis, AIDS or violence. Over the world, out of every 18 deaths 1 death is related to alcohol abuse. Drunken driving is responsible for the maximum number of accidents leading to death. According to a report by WHO [World Health Organization, every 10 second there is a alcohol related death somewhere in the world. In the world over 6% of the total deaths are related to alcohol abuse. Scientists say that there are around 200 types of ailments that are caused by alcohol abuse. Cancer of the liver and liver

cirrhoses is the most common ailment of alcohol abuse. Alcoholics are more prone to these ailments in comparison to non-alcoholic. Alcohol addiction / abuse, can also lead to AIDS, tuberculosis, pneumonia and impotency. It has an adverse effect on our memory and also our eye-sight.

Alcohol/Liquor intake is very much harmful for females. It affects their reproductive system and the child born out of a womb of an alcoholic mother will certainly have some deficiencies, either physically or mentally. Breast Cancer and cancer of the colon are two common ailments in alcoholic women.

Alcohol/ Liquor abuse also leads to numerous anti-social activities because after getting drunk an alcoholic does not know what he is doing – his power of reasoning, right or wrong, is diminished or completely finished. Domestic violence, rapes and suicides are rampant in alcoholics. Majorly, though not limited to, the lower/ lower middle class families have to bear the brunt of an alcoholic father / husband or any other family member. Their habits have an adverse affect on the needs and wants of the family – socially and economically. It is in the interest of all that one should refrain from alcohol abuse.

We are giving here some valuable yet simple tips to give up the habit of consuming alcohol/ liquor and also helpful if you wish to help someone give up the habit ;-

*Keep some raisins with you and whenever you have the urge to drink ,pop a few raisins in your mouth and suck on them – raisin ‘sherbet’[sweet mix in water] can also be had , this shall reduce the urge for having liquor / alcohol.

*Dates are also very helpful in giving up alcohol/ liquor – soak a few dates in water and then have this mixture two-three times in a day, very soon you shall be rid of your habit to take liquor / alcohol.

*Having Carrot juice reduces the urge for having liquor/alcohol; have a glass of carrot juice daily ,it shall not only help you get rid of liquor but would also help in improving your digestion and eye-sight.

*Another tested remedy is Capsicum Juice – after meals, twice a day, have half a cup of capsicum juice; gradually the urge to drink will diminish and within time it will be completely finished.

*Another tried and tested remedy to help someone give up the habit is by adding four drops of Sulphuric acid in the drink and then let the person consume it – gradually the person will develop an aversion towards liquor and soon shall give it up ; only thing to be kept in mind is that during the course of this treatment, a nutritious diet is very essential.

*Alcoholics have very low levels of Sulphur in their system due to which the urge to have an intoxicant increases – it is a vicious circle – from any homeopathic store buy a vial of Sulphur 200 and on waking up in the morning ,on an empty stomach put a drop on the tongue and then for the next half an hour do not have anything to eat/drink – continue this for 5-6 days after which regularly ,after that drop the frequency to 2-3 times a week ; the entire course would take about 45-60 days and you will notice that the persons urge for alcohol / liquor is completely cured.

*The levels of Phosphorus also get reduced in people who are addicted to tobacco, liquor, cigarettes etc; purchase a vial of Phosphorus 200 and have it as directed above for Sulphur; the habits will die out gradually.

*Grind 500gms of ‘desi ajwain[Carom Seeds]’ and soak it well in 7-8 litres of water ; keep this mixture to settle for 2 days and then slowly cook the mixture over a low flame ,until it is reduced to 2 litres. Allow the mixture to cool and then strain and store in a bottle – now whenever you have the urge to drink liquor take 5 teaspoons full of this mixture; gradually your urge will stop and there shall be no need to consume liquor Short-cut remedies to give up liquor * On a Saturday , in the evening time , purchase a new bottle of liquor [can also purchase half] , and mix 800gms of mustard oil with that liquor an d fill the mixture in a big bottle and close it well ; then circle the bottle [with mixture] over the affected persons head 21 times and then quietly without telling anyone , bury this bottle ,inverted, by the side of a canal or flowing river ;in a few days the person shall give up drinking ; but do not forget to offer ‘Prasad’ at Lord Hanuman’s temple when your work is complete [when the person has given up drinking].

* If a person drinks too much ,then his wife should draw thread using the ‘charkha’ [spinning wheel] and keep praying to Lord Hanuman to help her husband give up the habit of drinking.

*If any person is drinking too much and the family is very disturbed then the wife should take one of her ‘Bichua’ [rings worn on the feet digits] wash it with water and take some liquor out of the bottle from which her husband consumes liquor and fill it in an another bottle and drop the ‘Bichua’ also in the bottle. This should be done secretly, without telling anyone; then, after two days she should take out the ‘Bichua’ and mix the liquor in her husband’s drink / bottle. This should be done preferably on a Tuesday or a Saturday; very soon the person will give up drinking altogether.

A very folklore type of remedy is that if you stir some water with the feather of a wild crow, and gives that water to an alcoholic to drink – do this for seven days, his habit of drinking liquor will soon end.

We sincerely hope that the above remedies will be of help to you or anyone who wishes to give up drinking liquor or any intoxicant.

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Pandit Ji
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