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Tips and Home Remedies to leave smoking cigarettes/tobacco


Smoking is very harmful and injurious to health. Apart from being a major cause for cancer, it also increases the chances of numerous other diseases. Tobacco contains more than 4000 harmful chemicals / contents, on the other hand a cigarette has more than 40 harmful contents / chemicals that are cancer causing. Apart from cancer, diseases of the heart, lungs, bones, cardiac, premature wrinkles etc are quite common amongst people who either smoke or consume tobacco. Smoking also slows down the blood circulation which may eventually lead to impotency.

According to an estimate approximately 60 lac persons die due to smoking /tobacco related diseases; those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day increase their risk of a heart attack 10 times over, those who smoke 10-20 cigarettes a day increase the risk 5 times over and those who smoke less than 5 /day have a 3 times over risk of a heart attack. A cigarette reduces 11 minutes of life, according to an estimate. It is not only the smoker who suffers the negative effects but also his family members have to bear the toxic effects of the smoke; despite numerous warnings and seminars, highlighting awareness of the negative effects of smoking and tobacco consumption , people still are not willing to kick off the habit. The statutory warning and images on a cigarette box for a moment does make people think twice, but then the habit takes over and the warnings are ignored. It is indeed a very big challenge to give up smoking / tobacco; it requires a very strong will-power and determination; but there are ways and remedies to give up this harmful habit some of which are being given below.

Buy some pieces of Liquorices [ MULETHI ] from any general merchant or a store that sells ayurvedic medicines. Whenever you feel like having a smoke, just put a small piece in your mouth and suck on it – this will kill your desire to smoke. This is a very simple and an inexpensive way to stop smoking.

You can also try Nicotine chewing gum ; have one whenever you feel like smoking a cigarette ; keep it between the cheek and teeth and keep chewing it slowly ; gradually reduce the quantity of the nicotine chewing also and you will find slowly and steadily your habit of smoking or taking nicotine chewing gums is shelved.

According to human science ,it has been said that a human starts to ingest drugs and intoxicants when the sulphur level of the body falls ; this depletion of the sulphur levels in the body can be compensated by ingesting ginger juice.

Slice ginger in to tiny pieces and mix it with lemon juice and black salt ; leave it out in the Sun to dry ; once they are absolutely dry you can store them in a bottle; keep some in your pocket and whenever you have the urge to smoke or have tobacco , put a piece in your mouth and suck on it ; the juice will invigorate your body and the desire to have any kind of an intoxicant will be gradually finished.

You may purchase sulphur tablets from any homeopathic store ,they are very inexpensive and can be bought under the name Dilution – on awakening in the morning take a drop of this Dilution on your tongue ; continue this for the next two-three days you shall see the benefits for yourself. You may gradually reduce the dosage by taking it 2-3 times in a week and then later in 10 days the results by the end of the second month will be more than satisfactory. Not only smoking but also alcohol or any kind of addiction can be cured by this medicine.

Whenever you feel like having a smoke, keep a pinch of salt on your tongue the urge will die out.

To keep the urge of smoking at bay keep a piece of sugar- free gum in your mouth and keep chewing on it and keep yourself busy the urge will die out itself.

Also by increasing the physical activity the urge of smoking can be reduced; so whenever you feel like having a smoke, just do some physical workout and you shall see that the urge goes away.

Baking Soda too has proved beneficial in leaving the habit of smoking. Take half a spoonful of baking soda with water anytime during the day ; this precipitates the nicotine present in the body to come out along with the saliva ; this taste reduces the need for any external nicotine source such as cigarettes. You can also take the baking soda dose before or after your meals.

The need for any intoxicant arises when the level of phosphorus decreases in the body taking Phosphorus -200, a homeopathic preparation, helps in de-addiction of most of the intoxicants.

One should also have fruits and vegetables and other edibles that are rich in Vitamin C, like lemon, guavas. When the Vitamin C levels are high, the need for smoking is reduced.

Having saunf [Fennel seeds] slightly roasted twice / thrice in a day will create an aversion to smoking. Carrots had in abundance also help in de-addiction to smoking; keeping a clove or a cardamom in the mouth also helps reduce the need for smoking. Another concoction to help give up smoking take 100 gms of Carom Seeds [ ajwain] , 100 gms of Fennel seeds[ saunf thick variety]and 60 gms of black salt squeeze the juice of 2-3 lemons into this mixture and mix well and then let it rest for 8-10 hours .After that roast it slightly on a low flame and store it in a jar; have it 3-4 times in a day or whenever you feel like and gradually the need for smoking or having any other intoxicant shall come down.

Do not keep a pack of cigarettes with you start breaking them, also remove all match boxes lighters etc., from around you. Another important fact to remember is that do not sit idle or devote much time to internet surfing or watching television.

In spite of all the above remedies you will still need a strong will power and the sincerity to leave any intoxicant that you are addicted to .Believe in yourself and have the confidence and also repeat to yourself that you can and you will give up this habit , remember that you are doing this not only for your own good but for the good of your family also, before you latch on to any toxicant or harmful substance abuse, think for a while ,where is it going to take you ? What effects it shall have on your wife, children , your parents ,your siblings etc; because the path of drugs and substance abuse will only lead to destruction and harm ,then what will happen to your family?

Life is very valuable and we get this human form after much penance and rebirths, it should not be wasted like this. Smoking and consuming tobacco is equivalent to taking a step each day towards self-destruction and in other terms ruining your family life and also leading them to their destruction, slowly, inch by inch. Just imagine what they might have to go thru if you succumb to your addiction?

To start any de-addiction remedy try to start it on a Thursday because Thursday apart from being considered a pious day, your determination shall have more strength and willingness to quit smoking or any other addiction.

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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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