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Navratri Bhog Offered to Navdurga

The festival of Navratri [Nine Nights dedicated to Goddess Durga] has a great significance in the Hindu religion. The scriptures have elaborated the importance and benefits of worshipping the nine forms of the goddess ; they help a devotee in gaining strength, power , wealth , prosperity , knowledge , peace and satisfaction and fulfillment of their desires. Navdurga refers to the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is epitomized as the destructor of evil. Worshipping the goddess with a pure heart during the nine days / nights gives special benefit to the devotee. It is believed that during the nine days, the nine forms of the Goddess are prayed to and specific Prasad is prepared as per the Goddess s form and liking and offered to her after the morning prayers. She blesses her devotees by fulfilling their desires and wishes. Here we are giving you the various fruits and edibles that should be offered during these nine days Goddess Durga will definitely bless her devotees and fulfill their desires.

Kalash Two Image On the first day of the Navratras, Mother Shailputri is worshipped the devotees should offer Pure Ghee [clarified butter] made from cow s milk he/she shall be blessed with a body free of mental and physical ailments.

Kalash Two Image On the second day of the Navratras, Mother Bramhcharini is worshipped ; she should be Offered Sugar and then that same sugar should be distributed to all as prasad .The devotee is blessed with a long life and all family members are granted immunity against pre mature death.

Kalash Two Image On the third day of the Navratras, Mother Chandraghanta is worshipped Sugar Candy, Sweet Rice-Milk Porridge Or Any Other Sweet Prepared In Milk should be offered.

Kalash Two Image On the fourth day the divine form of Mother Kushmanda is worshipped; Maalpua[sweet bread dipped in sugar syrup] should be offered and then the same should be distributed as Prasad to Brahmins in a temple of dedicated to goddess Durga. As a blessing the devotee is blessed with knowledge and intelligence and his skills are further sharpened.

Kalash Two Image On the fifth day, Mother Skandmata is worshipped; the devotees should offer Bananas as Prasad her blessings shall fulfill all desires and needs of the devotee and they shall attain eternal bliss.

Kalash Two Image On the sixth day, Mother Kaaytyani is worshipped and devotee should offer Honey to the deity. Praying to her with a pure heart increases the self-confidence and inner strength of the devotee. It also enhances the charisma and magnetism of a human personality.

Kalash Two Image On the seventh day, Mother Kaalraatri is worshipped and jaggery should be offered to the goddess and be then given as an offering to a pious and learned Brahmin / Sage. The benevolence of Mother Kaalraatri frees a person of all sins and protects the devotee from all troubles and mishaps.

Kalash Two Image On the eight day , Mother Mahagauri is worshipped and she should be offered Coconut and halwa [sweet semolina mixed with milk and cooked in clarified butter];the blessings of the goddess bestows a devotee with fame ,prosperity and the devotee is also blessed with children ,if desired.

Kalash Two Image On the ninth day ,Mother Siddhidaatri is worshipped and she should be offered kheer [sweet milk and rice porridge] after which black sesame seeds should be donated as charity ; the benevolence of the mother destroys all enemies and also saves the devotee from immature death.

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