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Astro Tips And Remedies For Success in Love And Affairs

Friends, the remedies and solutions discussed here will definitely have a positive outcome regarding your love life and you will be successful in endearing your loved one, provided that your love is true and pious and you have all the reasons to share each other and ensure her/him a joyous and a prosperous life. It is hereby cautioned that if these remedies are done with the intention of harming any person, not only will the remedies be void but shall also be harmful to the one who initiates them with such feelings and intentions.

Whenever in love always remember that patience and control are the best solutions.

1.One should pray to God the almighty with a pure heart for his / her love..

2. On Thursday of the waning Moon fortnight, chanting “OM LAKSHMI NARAYANA NAMAH”..on a crystal beaded rosary of 108 beads.. repeat three time the complete rosary.[108 x 3] in front of a picture of Lord Vishnu and his consort ,Goddess Lakshmi and offer Prasad [ sweets/edibles] every Thursday at a temple for 3 months .

3.Offering a flute and betel leaves in a Lord Krishna temple will win over your love..

4.If you are interested in winning over someone, worship Maa Durga and offer a red shawl / cape on her idol.. and pray for success in your love affair.. Performing the “Rudra Abhishek” [Anointing the ‘Shivling’ of Lord Shiva with various items] with honey will beget you of the one you are desirous of..

5. Performing the “Rudra Abhishek” [Anointing the ‘Shivling’ of Lord Shiva with various items] with honey will beget you of the one you are desirous of..

6. To beget a handsome ,loving and caring husband a girl should fast for 16 Mondays..

7.To get married to the person you are in love. Aorning a real, energized, Nepalese “Gauri-Shankar Rudraksh” [a kind of a Rudraksh twin-bead] moulded in white gold within the fortnight of the waning Moon..

8.Wearing a Diamond or Opal [a semi-precious stone] helps in love relations and affairs and sees them up to matrimony..

9.If the horoscope of any one [girl or boy] is afflicted by the malefic effects of mars [Mangalik]. it is strongly suggested that either the proposal should be reconsidered or remedial action to mitigate the malefic effect should be carried out.otherwise it shall be the cause of repentance for the rest of their lives.

10.In the horoscope of the boy and the girl., the planet positioned in the seventh house should always be addressed to and made peace with before marriage.

11. Never gift each other with either Black or pointed objects.. there is a strong possibility of relations tending to go sour..

12.It is considered very auspicious gifting your loved one a Diamond.. it could also be an American Diamond [Zircon].. but remember that it should never be blue or black.

13. It is most preferred and considered very apt and auspicious gifting articles which are red, pink, yellow, or of golden color / hue.

14.As much as possible the girl should wear Green bangles and wear dresses that are Yellow coloured.. on Thursdays and are of White colour.. on Fridays..

15.To get success in his love life a boy should always wear an Emerald ring.. the lover / fiancée will be deeply attracted..

16. A couple in love should not meet on a moonless night or on a Saturday night as it can create differences in their relationship and arguments can erupt and the relationship itself can be doubted.

17.A couple in love should make it convenient and mandatory to meet on full moon nights and on Fridays..if the Friday happens to be a full-moon night it is most will grow and deepen on such meetings.

18.Wearing white clothes and offering a red rose and jasmine itar [oil based perfume of jasmine extract] at any religious place and praying with a pure heart and true self for success in the love affair will bear positive results.

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