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How to Get Success in Love And Affairs

Remedies/Solutions for Enticing/ Bewitching

19. Venus is the planets ruling materialistic attainments, to strengthen it make sure that a corner or some portion of the house is left unpaved / uncemented or naturally earthy.

20. If the lady of the house pours out a tumbler full of water every morning on the main entrance of the house, it makes it easy for prosperity and wealth to enter the house.

21.After having a bath , meditate and pray to Goddess Lakshmi and apply pure Saffron [Kesar] ‘Tilak’ [inverted exclamation mark ,without the dot] on the forehead and also wear a good perfume /itar, before leaving for work will increase the possibilities of prosperity and wealth attainment.

22. Brushing your teeth with alum before retiring to bed at night, will bring wealthy benefits.

23. To overcome and inhibit financial crisis feed a cow with green pasture every Wednesday; on Thursdays, mix gram pulses paste with wheat flour and make two patties and feed them to a cow; On Fridays, prepare sweetened rice [white] and feed it to a cow.

24. Either the husband or the wife, any one person, before retiring to bed at night-time should light two clove flowers and camphor and pray to the Almighty /Goddess Lakshmi….prosperity shall always stay in the house.

25. Every Friday, light nine wicks in an earthen vessel filled with pure clarified butter [deshi ghee] and offer to Goddess Lakshmi sweet-meats made of milk [white]…after that offer the sweets to all female members of the family first [mother, sister, wife, daughter]…..then distribute them to all other members of the family and lastly take it yourself….Goddess Lakshmi’s benevolence shall always be towards such a household.

26. Any person …..who while bathing, cleans his feet by rubbing them against one another ,while applying oil to his hair, wipes off the excess oil by applying it to his wrists, face or arms will always be short of wealth and be poverty-ridden.

27. Every Friday, offering water to Lord Vishnu thru a south opening conch-shell pleases Goddess Lakshmi and her benevolence is spread to the household and its inhabitants.

28. Offering a flute made of bamboo pleases lord Krishna [reincarnate of Lord Vishnu].In any house where a bamboo-flute is kept there is always harmony and love amongst the members and good fortune and wealth has a prominence in the house, however it should be taken care that the flute is neither broken or chipped and it always has a thick silken cord tied around it.

29. On any Friday of a month ,feed 3 unmarried girls ‘Kheer’ [rice cooked in milk and sweetened] and also donate yellow garments and some money to them……,it will please Goddess Lakshmi and her benevolence will pervade the house.

30. On any auspicious day wearing a seven-faceted Rudraksh bead tied with a red thread promotes wealth and fortune. Keeping the root of the white oleander tied in a piece of white cloth and keeping it in the safe vault / cash box certainly begets wealth and prosperity.

31. Treating women with respect and deitifying girls below 10 years of age will always bestow the person with happiness and prosperity.

32. Donating white-colored items [garments/edibles /etc] pleases Goddess Lakshmi [the goddess of wealth] and she bestows her grace on the house-hold.

33. Never use broken or chipped utensils in the house…….they are the precursors to poverty and also displease Goddess Lakshmi.


Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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