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Home Remedies For Dengue Prevention and Diet Tips


Dengue has been a very dangerous and harmful ailment and in recent times it has gained immense proportions. It can also be fatal at times. It spreads rapidly during winters and rainy seasons. Also during times of changing weather it is more prevalent. The changing temperatures promote growth of the Dengue virus which is carried around by the mosquitoes.

As mosquitoes are responsible for its growth, the best prevention is to stop their rampant growth and destroy the breeding spots of mosquitoes. One should keep his /her surroundings clean and let not water stagnate at any place like water coolers ,buckets etc ;one should keep changing the water frequently. The one and foremost prevention of Dengue is safeguarding against mosquitoes and all precautions should be taken to keep mosquitoes away.

An important point to be noted is that the mosquitoes that are the carriers of the Dengue virus are not the regular type of mosquitoes. It is a mosquito of a different strand , its sting spreads the virus rampantly in the body within 3-4 days ; sometimes it takes around 10 days for the virus to spread. Those who are physically weak and have lower body resistance are more susceptible to the dengue virus. Dengue can affect both young [children] and adult s .although its spread is more prevalent in children. The dengue spreading mosquitoes, AEDES, is active during the daytime, so we must take all precautions even during the day against mosquitoes bites.


It starts with feeling of intense cold and shivering, severe body ache and sometimes even eyes tend to get heavy and tired. The patient shall have continuous, high grade fever he may also experience frequent fainting spells and red patches over the skin; the most dangerous aspect of Dengue is when the platelet level starts to fall rapidly, which is ascertained by a pathological blood test; in a normal, healthy person, the platelet count should be approximately 150000 to 450000 ; to restrain the platelet fall and increase their level , platelets are to be introduced in the body thru transfusion. Other than the above mentioned symptoms, nausea, indigestion, vomiting blood, cold and clammy body surface and an erratic pulse are some other symptoms of dengue. It is very important that on noticing any of these symptoms the patient should be put immediately under medical care, because any delay can also be fatal. The medicines prescribed by the doctor should be administered with all care and regularity and at the same time some home remedies can also be tried for a faster recovery.

Patient should be given Vitamin C in adequate quantities he should have goose berries [amla] or sweet-lemon [Mausambi] either raw or in juice form, as much as he can easily have. Turmeric too is very helpful in Dengue and the patient should consume adequate quantity by having at least half a tea spoon with milk / water, at least twice a day morning and night; but if the patient has cold also, he should avoid milk and have it with water [warm].He should also consume a concoction of boiled, Tulsi [Basil] leaves with Honey. They increase the immunity power of the body and help in fighting off the virus.

Being a viral inflicted disease, Dengue does not have any appropriate line of treatment in allopathic medicine. But in Ayurved there are specific treatments for controlling dengue and that to very inexpensive ones.

If you have anyone in your friends circle or acquaintances, it is very essential that the depleting platelet count is arrested before any further treatment is started. To elevate the platelet count, the patient should be given Pomegranate juice [Anaar juice], Wheat Grass juice [juice extracted from wheat grains], juice extracted from the soft, young leaves of the papaya tree or giloi juice. Dengue patients should have pomegranate juice at least 3-4 times in a day .It increases the blood contents and also enhances the immunity level of the body, to fight against the virus. Pomegranate juice must be freshly extracted and given /stale /kept in fridge or packed juice will not be that much effective. Apart from the juice, they should also consume raw pomegranate, it helps in increasing the platelets count.

For wheat grass juice one has to put in 7-8 days by the time the grass grows and juice is extractable. In place of wheat grass juice the patient can also be given apple juice ; but remember apple juice should also be that has been freshly extracted; as far as possible one should avoid packed /canned juices.

The patient should be given small but frequent meals to increase the body s resistance and immunity power and give it strength to fight off infection.

If the patient has been feeling nausea and is also vomiting, squeeze some lemon juice in the juice; is shall help in controlling the nausea feeling.

The juice of the papaya leaves is considered very beneficial in controlling dengue. Let the patient consume this juice 3-4 times in a day the rise in the platelets count will be very obvious and effective apart from the juice, the patient should also eat fresh, ripe papaya.

The concentrated essence of giloi is very effective in the treatment of Dengue. It is a miraculous drug for the treatment of dengue. Its leaves are similar to betel leaves and almost can be used effectively against any kind of infection /infectious disease like ,swine flu ,malaria , due to toxicity and impure blood giloi can help in purification. It is panacea for numerous infectious diseases.

Take the stem [creeper] of the plant and chose 5-6 fresh .soft leaves and mix them with 5-6 Tulsi [basil] leaves; add two tumblers of water and keep it on a boil ;when the water gets reduced to half turn off the flame and after it has cooled down a bit ,give it to the patient to drink repeat this 3-4 times in a day ; by the end of the first day you will notice there is an increase in the blood platelet count and the fever also starts reducing. It increases the body immunity and gives strength to fight against infections. As it is very bitter in taste ,it can be mixed with any other juice to make it palatable; if you are unable to get giloi .just visit the nearest Patanjali store and ask for giloi ghanvati and give one tablet three times a day.

Lemon juice is also very beneficial in the treatment of Dengue as lemons are loaded with Vitamin C ; lemon juice should be given as often as possible as it increases the vitamin c level and also helps detoxify the body. Dengue virus also finds their way out thru the urinary passage and the patient starts getting better soon.

In Homeopathic, Upetosiforlitum-200 is also advised – having it empty stomach, the first thing in the morning will soon give relief from dengue.

For fever, cough and colds always try and use ayurvedic medicines.

For dengue fever you may use the following – Mahashudaghanvati one tablet , Saptaparn one tablet and Mahjwaranku one tablet and Anandbhay one tablet. A single dose is made by mixing one tablet each of all the above named medicines – this can be had with warm water ,milk or tea ;once in two hours or in intervals of 3-4 hours ;gradually the fever shall subside and the platelets count shall show an increase.

The above dosage is for adults; for children and infants the dosage should be reduced to half or a quarter.

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