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Remedies for Sweet Melodius Voice


A person is known by his voice he can be recognized even if your eyes are closed. We all aspire to have a melodious, sweet, crisp and clear voice, though not all of us are so lucky. But now with simple remedies ,given below many can aspire for that tinkling .sweet ,melodious voice.

1] Consume cow s milk, every day, both morning and night helps the voice become sweeter.

2] If you have a sore throat, mix two spoons of ginger juice in a single spoon of honey and have it at least three times in a day also gargle with warm water mixed with ginger juice 3-4 times in a day; the soreness would be gone.

3] Take 2 spoonful on onion juice and mix it well with honey; lick it and then do not have anything for the next one hour; having onion juice in warm water also helps in developing a sweet, melodious voice.

4] Fry some pieces of onion and crush them then take some alum and also dry heat it for some time and crush to a rough powder ; mix both and chew it well will do wonders for the voice.

5] Gargle with glycerin mixed warm water will soothe the throat and make your voice appreciable.

6] Pineapple juice or slices both are equally beneficial for developing a sweet voice.

7] Take 20 gms each of Dry Ginger and Sugar Candy ,crush into powder form and mix well make small round balls suck on these candy like balls 3-4 times a day your throat shall always be smooth and soothed.

8] If your voice is cracking/ hoarse, take the juice of 3-4 cloves of garlic and mix it in warm water it shall be very beneficial. 9] Having garlic soaked in vinegar also helps in soothing the throat.

10] Crush 4-5 gms seeds of radish and gulp it down with a glass of warm water ; also consume radish juice on an empty stomach and it can also be eaten raw ,well-chewed.

11] Cold Water and drinks are strictly prohibited. You should have warm water instead of cold water and coconut water instead of soft drinks as far as possible. Never leave your throat dry keep having liquids to keep it well lubricated.

12] Spicy, deep fried and spicy food should be avoided. Not only does it upset the digestive system but also effects adversely the voice tone.

13] One should not strain the throat by shouting or talking loudly it affects the vocal chords and the muscles adversely affecting the voice quality.

14] Having a pinch of black pepper with pure ghee [clarified butter] after meals improves the voice quality.

15] Powder 50 gms sugar candy , 25 gms Madder [MULETHI] ,and 25 gms black pepper and mix them well and store the mixture in an air tight glass container ;Everyday in the morning and in the evening have one small tea-spoon of this mixture with honey ; the voice quality shall improve tremendously.

16] Gargling with warm water with a pinch of salt, 3-4 times in a day, helps soothe the throat and the voice quality.

17] Boil 5 gms of Madder [MULETHI] , 5 Gooseberries ,and 5 sugar candy on a slow flame in a glass full of water ; when it is reduced to half ,have it hot [as hot as possible] not only does it benefit a hoarse throat but also improves the voice quality.

18] After meals have 1 gram of black pepper powder with ghee [pure clarified butter] it helps in improving the voice quality.

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Pandit Ji
Pandit Ji
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